Urban Soul Food & Seafood Restaurant | 1621 Orthodox St, Philadelphia, PA 19124 | 215-288-1700



Kesha's Pastas

Add Shrimp to your entry for $5.00.


Kesha's Seafood

Includes broccoli, corn and potatoes. Add (5) steamed or fried shrimp to for $5.00.

Lunch Specials

Kesha's Lunch Specials


Kesha's Sides

Made from the soul!

Breakfast platters

Kesha's Entrees

All entrees comes with yellow rice, two sides and your choice of honey BBQ, Thai or Parmesan cream sauce. Add Shrimp to your entry for $5.00.

If you don’t want rice speak with the cashier.

Buffalo Wings

Kesha's Homestyle Buffalo Wings

Lunch Specials

Kesha's Everyday Lunch Specials (11-3pm)


Kesha's Homemade Treats & Drinks